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RH ANDERSEN provides both on-site and off-site consulting in the development, implementation, maintenance and training of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 900/1/2/3:1994, ISO/TS 16949, ISO/QS 9000, ISO 14001, SAE AS9100, ISO 13485, ISO/IEC 17025 (and A2LA) Quality Management Systems. We also provide complete OHSAS 18001 occupational safety training/services, HACCP/ISO 22000 Food Safety implementation/training and EEOC/Title 7 (Title VII) discrimination/harassment training. 

We support a broad range of applications including manufacturing and service organizations, aerospace, automotive, medical devices, laboratory, healthcare, government/social services, environmental, occupational safetyfood safety and employee law.

Our full-range of quality management services include:

       ISO implementation 


       ISO 9001:2000 transitioning/changes/overview training


       ISO 14001 environmental management system  (EMS) development/revision


       ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory implementation/maintenance


       A2LA Certification


       ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard implementation/training


       CE Mark implementation


       AS9100 implementation/training


       QS9000 implementation/training


       ISO/TS 16949 implementation/training


       Non-ISO QMS implementation/training (TQM, Six-Sigma)


       Non-ISO QMS implementation/training (TQM)


       ISO 26000 pre-installation preparation


       Document preparation/training (Manuals & Procedures)


       Document review


       Internal and pre-assessment audits


       Internal auditor training (new process auditing approach)


       Training of management and staff


  Registrar Selection


             Gap analysis


       Process mapping and implementation planning


       Periodic system review/reevaluation


       Ongoing Support


       Onsite and off-site assistance


Additional services include:

               EEOC/Title 7 discrimination/sexual harassment training

       OHSAS 18001 occupational safety systems implementation/training


       HACCP/ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems. implementation/training


From Gap Analysis thru Process Analysis, RH ANDERSEN is there for you!



From guided benchmarks of your present practices to your corporate goals and objectives, to gap analysis of your current Quality Management System to the International Standard (ISO) - RH ANDERSEN will guide your through the task of evaluating your business process.

First we begin with a gap analysis of  your current Quality Management System to the International Standard (ISO). This gives us a profile of where you are in relation to the requirement, and helps us determine the approach that best suits your environment. We then evaluate the efficiency of your process flow. Through our ability to analyze and identify the processes needed as well as the sequence and interaction of these processes as they relate to your business, we can determine the criteria necessary to effectively manage these processes and present you with a plan of action to modify your present practices and attain your corporate goals and objectives

Let RH ANDERSEN's TEAM ISO address your analysis needs.



Let RH ANDERSEN handle your Implementation !The implementation of a Quality Management System is rapidly becoming a fundamental part of doing business. Let us guide the strategic development of your Quality Management System; your system's data collection, manual and procedural documentation; system assessment procedures; internal auditing procedures; process design/review procedures; and procedure writing/review process - to ensure a clear, concise and efficient system that meets your company's goals and objectives.

At RH ANDERSEN, work with you to implement a system that works the way you work, and with minimal impact on your day-to-day business.

We have implemented hundreds of ISO systems for manufacturing and servicing companies throughout North America.

Let RH ANDERSEN's TEAM ISO address your implementation needs. 


We can perform your internal auditing - or show you how to !


Audits provide the means to discover and make preventive or corrective actions to continuously improve your company's operation. RH ANDERSEN provides a complete line of ISO auditing services. RH ANDERSEN's Management Training Curriculum provides managers with an understanding of the concepts and techniques used in the audit process and prepares them for both internal and external audits. Our Internal Auditor Training Curriculum focuses on the concepts and techniques used in the implementation of effective internal audit programs. Our custom check-sheets and related auditing materials simplify your auditing process. Our commitment to our clients means that we will be there if/when you need us to review/reevaluate your auditing procedures and/or train new auditors, or to evaluate your level of compliance with the applicable standard(s) prior to an external audit.

Our audit-related services include qualifying your internal auditor/auditing procedures, preparing you for external (and certification) audits, providing you with materials to simplify the auditing process, performing quality audits, and training and guiding your internal auditing team.

At RH ANDERSEN we have performed thousands of audits and trained thousands of auditors in a wide-variety of manufacturing and servicing environments.

An RH ANDERSEN client has never failed a certification audit (!)

Let RH ANDERSEN's TEAM ISO address your auditing needs. 


We have been training ISO techniques and principles since 1992 !


Training is more than educating -
it is providing a complete course of action.  At RH ANDERSEN we have developed a very successful curriculum to orient both management and staff to the requirements of the International Standard (ISO), and to train and certify internal auditors. 

Our staff of professional instructors are skilled practitioners, well-versed in the most up-to-date methodology. Their practical approach is based on hands-on experience and on hundreds of assessments and evaluations. Our courses are based on a uniform, consistent interpretation of all relevant systems and best practices

RH ANDERSEN's dynamic training curriculum provides both management and staff with an understanding of the concepts of ISO, Quality Management Systems, the process approach to quality, and techniques used in the audit process.  Our numerous hand-outs and training materials serve to simplify the process and provide reference materials to review information about the many areas covered by our training programs.

Our training services are designed to meet the broad application of your workplace, from business optimization systems through quality systems; environmental systems including occupational health and safety systems, food safety management systems and preventive training for EEOC/Title 7 employee rights and discrimination.

Let RH ANDERSEN's TEAM ISO address your training needs.

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