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To do AS9100 - The Aerospace Standardbusiness in aerospace today you need to comply with AS9100, the international standard for aerospace quality. AS9100 originally included the requirements of ISO 9001 plus additional requirements imposed by the aerospace (aviation and space) industry. With the release of AS9100 Rev. C in January 2009, the scope of AS9100 was expanded to include Defense, and incorporate changes inherent in ISO 9001:2008. Additional changes include additional requirements for customer focus, project management, risk management, etc. (Find out more). ISO 9001 has developed into a complete business system, the requirements of AS9100 places yet additional emphasis on structured design, design validation methodologies and configuration management. With the addition of AS9100 changes with the newly released Rev. C, AS9100 has truly become a world-class manufacturing standard for aerospace and defense.

While changes to ISO 9001 were relatively minor with the 2008 revision, changes to AS9100 that Rev. C presents will require a reevaluation of critical elements of your QMS and additional resources to fully embrace. Emphasis on risk analysis serve to reduce liability and costs associated with "escapes", as well as to obviate costs associated with remediation (that might also include litigation). Understanding and embracing such changes will better position your organization for growth and profitability in the new global economy.      

At RH ANDERSEN you will find seasoned quality management and regulatory requirement experts that can help you implement new systems and upgrades, maintain existing systems, train auditors, management and staff and optimize your systems processes. Find out more...


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