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As a service to our clients RH ANDERSEN is proud to offer the latest products from SeaGreen Global, an innovative provider of Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology desgined to help your organization use electrical power more efficiently, extend the life of your equipment and reduce penalties from your utility company for inefficient power use.


For non-residential users, the Utility company charges on the basis of energy supplied (kVA) to your installation, the amount being based on your peak usage, as opposed to what energy you actually use.  In other words, you are paying for more energy than you really have to!


By implementing Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment, you can save on your energy bill.


 PFC made simple:


By definition Power factor correction (PFC) is a technique or method of counteracting the undesirable effects of electric loads that create a power factor that is less than one. Power factor correction is often applied by the Utility company to improve the stability, integrity, and efficiency of the transmission network; or, may be achieved by commercial customers via  power factor correction equipment installed on their side of the meter.


Power Factor improvements reduce the cost of electrical supply upgrades; reduce niggling faults triggered by electrical hotspots or peaks in current; reduce the number of  spikes that can damage and shorten the life of your equipment; reduce your carbon footprint; reduce your energy bill.  Once corrected, your typical Power Factor should be between 0.95 and 0.98 (A Power Factor of 0.85 or less should be corrected as this can yield considerable savings on your electric bill).


Need a detailed explaination of Power Factor Correction (PFC), Click here...


Poor Power Factor results in:

o         More kVA required of the network

o         Larger distribution infrastructure

o         Higher energy costs

o         More greenhouse gas emissions

o         Fines*


* Fines are levied on businesses north of Connecticut, (from Massachusetts to Maine) for poor Power Factor.


How can I find out what my Power Factor is?


An analysis of the power demand on your installation can be performed by skilled personnel using the right equipment in conjunction with an analysis of your power usage history. An analysis of the maximum kVA (or kW) and Power Factor are required to enable determination of the required capacitance (in kVAR) to correct the installation.


How is Power Factor Improved?


Power Factor correction is achieved by the addition of capacitors which generate reactive power (kVAR) which compensates for the reactive power demand of the inductive load and thus reduces the amount of kVA that must be supplied by the Utility Company.

The cost of the PF Correction equipment is off-set by your savings on your electric bill.


How does it work?


A SeaGreen technical advisor evaluates your need. An energy use analysis is performed using sophisticated, proprietary equipment and an evaluation of prior energy consumption. Proprietary software crunches the numbers and defines the specification for custom designed Power Factor correction capacitors that are manufactured (in the USA) to meet your needs. Technicians then install and fine-tune the system.  Once installed, the savings begin!



The payback on SeaGreen’s Power Factor correction capacitors is usually 12-18 months – in many cases, considerably less!


Capacitors have been tested by:      


Ř       NASA

Ř       Canadian Standards Association

Ř       Honeywell

Ř       Underwriters Laboratory


Energy savings capacitors:


Ř       Reduce your power consumption

Ř       Provide location “Surge Protection“

Ř       Extend the life of appliances and motors by allowing them to run cooler

Ř       Guarantees a return on investment

Ř       Reduces the demand for electricity

Ř       Are maintenance free – no moving parts


Legal Information:


Ř       UL and CSA Listed

Ř       US Department of Energy Study

Ř       Patent # 5.440,442

Recognized as a Green Product!


All capacitors are 100% made in the USA!

Contact us to arrange an evaluation or to schedule an analysis of your organization’s Power Factor:


Or contact Steve @ RH ANDERSEN: 203 500-8706 to find out more.

RH ANDERSEN is an authorized SeaGreen dealer. 


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