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EEOC/Human Resource Training 


Never more than with the release of the ISO 9001:2000 standard has emphasis been placed on the organization (and its related processes) as a whole, and especially on those less-tangible aspects of productivity and profitability as infrastructure, work environment and human resources training.


While OHSAS addresses certain aspects of infrastructure, work environment and training as relates to safety and prevention, it leaves unadressed issues of social interaction that may be breeding grounds for unacceptable, if not unlawful, behavior in the workplace. Behavior as could result in costly litigation and undermine efforts to create an atmosphere promoting productivity and team effort.


Preventive measures in the form of training to promote general awareness of issues such as harassment and discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs can often obviate litigation or, at least, separate the perpetrator(s) of such activity from company policies and documented procedures.


By taking a stand on key issues of socially acceptable behavior, documenting such policies, and making a diligent effort to communicate your corporate desires at all levels, you can reduce your company’s liability in the event of such an occurrence, if not prevent it altogether.


At RH ANDERSEN we recognize the need for training and policy beyond those strictly in the quality arena and, in tandem with our valued partners, we offer a wide range of training services related to EEOC/Title VII requirements. Our consultants include attorneys with established credentials in this area willing to work with you in orienting your staff and advising your human resources departments on training and materials necessary to promote a successful EEOC/Title VII program.


Don't wait until it's too late to promote EEOC compliance in your workplace!

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