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Social Responsibility

ISO 26000 for Social Responsibility 


In 2010, ISO will formally release ISO 26000, the Standard for Social Responsibility. ISO 26000 is intended for use by organizations of all types, in both public and private sectors, in both developed and developing countries, to assist them in operating in a socially respon­sible manner.

We have a draft of the Standard and are ready to assist companies or agencies looking to begin implementation of the Standard.


Unlike ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc., ISO 26000 contains guidelines, not requirements, and therefore will not be for use as a certification standard. Companies can, however internally audit departments, divisions and processes for compliance with the Standard, and identify and resolve problems using a similar formalized corrective and preventive action process as is found in the better-known ISO Standards. Those familiar with any ISO Standard should find common ground to relate to the intent and implementation procedures of ISO 26000. And businesses looking for that edge in a consumer market where the public is more socially conscious, will embrace the ISO 26000 Standard as a mean of demonstrating responsible and accountable business practices. .

ISO 26000 is a progressive move to improve customer perception of company-wide practices through providing products and services with a commitment to socially responsible practices, without jeopardizing the environment, exploiting labor, fraudulent accounting, etc. The goal is operating an organization in a manner that addresses the wants and needs of customers, consumers, governments, associa­tions and the public at large. Far-sighted organizational leaders will recognize that lasting success is built on credible business practices and the prevention of activities that negatively impact public perception.

In this age of BCCI, Daiwa, Enron, Sumitomo, Credit Lyonnais, Haliburton, WorldCom, Parmalat, Bear Sterns, etc., where public mis-trust of corporate America is at an all time high, it behooves the public to pressure big business to operate reasonably and responsively to the community, the environment, etc., and demonstrate a committment to same by the adoption of the formalized Standard for social responsibility, ISO 26000.


At RH ANDERSEN we are championing the ISO 26000 Standard and ethical, responsible business practices. We are ready to help you implement ISO 26000.  Our consulting team includes  management consultants that can advise senior management on responsible operating procedures and ensure that all elements of the Standard are adressed and wholly embraced by your company.


With the revision of ISO 9001 in 2008, greater emphasis has been placed on compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements as a prerequisite for compliance with ISO. At RH ANDERSEN we are committed to helping companies NOW prepare for future Standards of social responsibility and accountability by meeting statutory and regulatory requirements - Our Occupational Health and Safety Consultants to address OHSAS and OH&S issues; Consulting Attorneys to work with your staff  and HR Department in establishing/maintaining successful EEOC/Title VII programs, etc. Find out more ...


Be a leader in your industry - not a follower. Get a headstart on implementing ISO 26000 and tell the world that you are a Socially Responsible corporation!


Let RH ANDERSEN show you how !


At RH ANDERSEN we are ready now to meet the challenge of implementing ISO 26000 at your site.

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RH Andersen and Team ISO are registered trademarks of RH Andersen Consultants. All rights reserved.



RH Andersen and Team ISO are registered trademarks of RH Andersen Consultants. All rights reserved


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