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ISO 14000
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RH ANDERSEN  is proud to deliver the Kids ISO 14000 Programme.

If you begin to think and act about the environment at an early age, it just may continue to play a significant role in your later life development - This is the underlying principle of The Kids ISO 14000 Programme, a progressive and innovative program developed by ArTech (International Art and Technology Cooperation Organization), a Japanese NGO and not-for-profit headquartered in Tokyo.

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The Kids ISO 14000 Programme exploits the basis of ISO 14000 including the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and engages children in a participatory exercise to determine environmental factors, measure specific aspects of the environment, set targets and goals for action, and draw lessons from experience in order to make improvements. 

The premise is that if a positive appreciation of the environment and its inextricable impact on the individual as well as society is instilled at an early age, it will engender a greater environmental consciousness later in life.

The structure of the program is geared toward reinforcing the principles of environmental management incrementally: There are four stages or grade levels (introductory, primary middle and highest), where the children progress from one step to the next using workbooks and guidance materials. Groups of  children are also encouraged to network with other groups participating in the program around the globe, promulgating a global consciousness of  both the environment and the combined efforts for change affecting it in a positive way.

Groups that reach the final goal (the highest level) are awarded with a certificate of merit from the Kids' ISO 14000 Programme International Committee.

The program, the brainchild of Professor Takaya Kawabe, the President of ArTech, has engaged more than 50,000 participants in Japan and is beginning to take off in Europe and the United States, as well.

The three principle aims of the Kids ISO 14000 Programme are 1) to stimulate environmental awareness 2) to learn how to employ a simplified form of Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) and use it to monitor and reduce energy consumption in the home, and  3) to encourage the formation of local and world-wide networks working together to address global environmental issues.

The International Organization for Standardization (the developers of the ISO standard) are not only co-operating on the program, they are promoting it, providing downloadable materials on dedicated web pages they have added to the ISO site (, The United Nations University (UNU), and The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) are also co-operating to promote the program

And RH ANDERSEN has joined the ranks of other independent organizations that have embraced and are committed to promoting the Kids ISO 14000 Programme.

For more information on the Kids ISO 14000 Programme you can take a look at the ISO website via the link provided above, or email Stephen Rubino at RH ANDERSEN CONSULTANTS to find out how we can get you going on this exiting new initiative. 

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